When does my subscription start?

We enter all subscription orders as soon as they are received . Your subscription starts with the next issue to be published. If you wish to start with a different issue, please indicate this in the comments field on the order form.

How long does delivery take?

It depends on where you live. The Canadian Postal Service does not guarantee fixed delivery times. All issues are mailed from Toronto within hours of arriving at the airport, but mailing time may vary from a few days to over a week. Deliveries to Vancouver may take 6-10 days.

What if I go on vacation, or leave Canada for a longer period?

Let us know a couple of weeks in advance. We will interrupt delivery for the length of your absence. The issues you miss will be tacked onto the end of your subscription.

Vacationing in Canada?

Or having family visit for a few weeks? You can order a short-term subscription from us. For short term subscription rates please contact us info@gcnews.ca with your dates and we will mail you back with a rate.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time, and for any reason. We will mail you a refund cheque for undelivered issues, or, in some instances, credit your credit card. You can call or fax us, or send an email to info@gcnews.ca. We can also switch you to a different title for the unused portion of your payment.

Can I pay in Euro?

Yes. You can transfer Euros to our account in Germany. There is a printed order form that has detailed transfer information. This form also serves as your order confirmation. To find out the current cost of a subscription in Euros, contact info@gcnews.ca.

Are there free gifts, student discounts, trial subscriptions?

No. These are offered by the publishers and are only valid if the magazines are delivered to an address in Germany. These offers are not valid in Canada.

Can subscription prices change?

The publishers reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

How does the subscription get renewed?

We will mail you a renewal notice about two months before your subscription ends. If you would like to renew, use one of our renewal options (mailing a payment, renewing via our web site). If you don't want to renew, do nothing. The subscription will automatically end.

Are there English editions of the magazines?

A few of our titles are published in an English and French edition, and a handful are published only in English. The majority are only available in German.



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